The January Barre groove is our New Year offer designed to help you gently back into training or to help you hit it hard right after your festive break!  Either way we're here to help you find your Barre groove what ever that looks like. 

Answer the questions below and we will send you a plan via email. 

Any extra details you can give us such as past injuries, classes that you know you already enjoy and if you have any particular challenges getting into class etc will help us make a tailored programme just for you. 

If you don't currently have a purchase option for classes we can help you decide which bundle or subscription will work best for you! 

As well as your plan you will also receive:

* 15 min training review (in person on online) with any instructor

*  20 min leg de-B-rief massage

* 15% off any purchase made in January

* 1000 VI-B- points bonus

(discount can applied to 1st month of new subscriptions / memberships offer excludes existing subscriptions/ memberships)

You can plan to start your programme at any time and massages and training reviews must be taken within 6 weeks of the form submission date.

** NEW CLIENTS! **  If you haven't trained with us before we'll send you a link to the Intro Offer that all new clients can take advantage of along with your plan or you can take a look at it HERE!




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