How to


The Barre has a culture of working out hard. 


Consistency is key to any training regime, as is attention to detail.  In studio you have your instructor's full attention and we are hands on to help you work right at your own personal edge whilst in a group setting.


Replicating the results we get in studio in your own home takes some serious Barre attitude (you've got bags of that), and some ingenious Barre alternatives to make your home studio work for you.

Are you ready?

Have you got all your workout kit, your water bottle, your device has enough juice?  Once you start your workout, you should work through at the pace of the class without taking extra breaks.  Don't break your sets! ;-)


The SET UP rules supreme!  

We can't emphasise this enough!  Plug it in, activate it, fire it up, what ever it takes, just get your set up, and stay in it.

Work to your EDGE

We'll keep reminding you of your form, only you will know if you can set up an inch lower, or tighten your tuck a little more, or reach a little further.  So find your edge and keep werkin' it!

Kit you'll need




How to book

The new Cy-Barre- schedule aims to give you more flexibility as to when you can workout and the time frame in which you can gain access to your purchased class.


Classes are available in sessions of time. 


Morning session

7am - 12:00 noon

Afternoon session

12:00noon - 5pm

Evening session

5pm - 10pm

Nightshift / Early Bird session:

10pm - 7am

You book into which ever class / classes you'd like to take, taking into account what time you'd like to workout at

You will receive access to your class at the beginning of your session


 You can hit play on your class anytime within the session start and end time


 This can be done a day, a week or a month in advance right up to 5 minutes before the session start time.

Why are classes available in sessions 

Working out and seeing results takes commitment and consistency.  For this reason, we give you a window of time and somewhere in that window you dedicate some of that time to your workout.  By choosing and booking into a particular session you have made a decision to try and carve out a little time for you, that commitment to yourself and your workout is a priority for us. 

We feel that the action of one simple click means so much more to your state of mind. There may be days you don’t complete your workout or don’t manage to get to it at all, but the intention is everything!

On the days that you don’t feel like working out, take a moment to look back into your workout history in your personal profile and see what you have already accomplished. 

We’ll check in with you on the regs via email and newsletters, you certainly don’t have to contact us back but please know if you need to ask a question or if you reach a point where you feel a bit ‘stuck’ we want you to holler.  We’re here to help!