Which pack is right for me? 


Well that depends on which classes you want to take the most!

Jut a reminder of which class is which


LIVE Cy-Barre-


These classes are delivered through a Zoom link.  You can choose whether to have your camera on or off, and you have one instructor training you and another instructor demonstrating set ups and movements.  The atmosphere and pace of these classes is as close to the studio experience as you can get without being in studio! 


ON DEMAND Cy-Barre- 


In our ON DEMAND Library of classes you will find our Signature and Replay classes.


Signature classes:  are our studio-produced classes.  These classes are the cornerstones of the whole Barre programme.

Replay classes: To keep your at home workout varied, we Replay past LIVE classes via our ON DEMAND Library.  


This means you can either retake a LIVE class, or you can catch up on a class if you missed it!  The content and cues in these classes vary, keeping your workout consistent but fluid.


Yes, you can of course mix & match packages just like you do in studio.