Cy-Barre- On Demand

If you have a pack or membership for Cy-Barre- Signature & Replay UNLIMITED ON DEMAND access, login below to view the entire library of classes in one place!


Here you'll find access to Cy-Barre- Signature and Replay classes.

To access these you'll need a class access Pack such as one of the following:


Intro Rate (5 days access) £5

2 Weeks Cy-Barre- Signature & Replay £15

1 month Cy-Barre - Signature & Replay Class Pass* (*rolling contract, cancel anytime) £20 / month

Cy-Barre- 3 months All Access Membership  £105/ months, 3 month contract

Or you studio Red or White Membership......

Then you're ready to ROCK! 

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