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How do I get started?

Whether your taking class in studio or in the By-Barre- online studio, first of all, you’ll need an account.

Click into this button to set yours up or to login to an existing account:




Taking class in studio?

Grab yourself a 2-4-1 Intro rate on studio classes right here:

Taking Cy-Barre- class online?


Take advantage of the 5 days intro rate pricing option;

'IntroRate CyBarre Sig/Replay (5 days access)'

This gives you 5 days access to an unlimited amount of credits for    Cy-Barre- Signature & Replay videos.


Heres the link!


Once you feel ready you can mix and match your class access packs and you can start to get into LIVE classes too!

Do I need a Barre or even a chair?

No!  Our studio classes have been carefully adapted to use minimal equipment.  A chair is advantageous, but anything that you can use to rest your hand on to give yourself balance is great.


A stool, kitchen work top, mantle-piece, breakfast barre have all been used! You’ll need something to use as light weights, and something to act as a strap for stretches, such as a dressing gown cord or scarf. 


For Power classes something to act as a slider for your feet is needed.  These can be cut up bags for life, plastic wallets, paper plates for example.

Do I need a dance background?

No you don’t :-)  There is no dance involved at The Barre

The Barre’s programme of classes uses movements that dancers use, stripped back to the base mechanics of the movement and taken as a complete workout.  

I’m not very fit or flexible, is Barre suitable for me?

Yes it is! Our Barre programme is no impact and we focus closely on correct posture and alignment throughout short sets of movements.  This makes it very safe and effective.  If you have any particular injuries or medical concerns please contact the team who can assist you.

I’m pretty fit, I take exercise regularly, where should I begin?

We suggest everyone starts with a Barre 101.  Here you’ll be taken through the fundamentals that will help you get the most out of training in other types of classes. 


After all we want you to maximise your workout and work right at your own personal edge, and that comes from getting the fundamentals right. 

That's when you see results.

I miss working out in company, what can I do?

You can join in to a LIVE class!  Here, if you choose to have your camera ON, your instructor can see you and make corrections. 


You also have a body instructor for you to take a visual cue from.