Now you can Barre where you are!  Working to your edge at home is the latest addition to the Barre programme.

The Cy-Barre- programme is a complete programme designed around our studio classes.  The Barre is a total body, no impact workout.

Stripping back the most effective movements to their base mechanics using short intense targeted movements to push your muscles into a fast burn before lengthening and stretching them out.


The Barre's progressive training and instructors will always challenge you and push you to your edge.


Our studio classes have been carefully adapted to make them safe and accessible at home, while keeping the movements as effective as they are when you're in studio with us.

To understand the culture of The Barre and our full training programme of classes, visit the Barre class page :-)

Ready to get into class?

If you have a password to get into class, head in to the

Cy-Barre- Class Access Portal

to browse your chosen class library.

 Have a great workout!

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