Power Classes

45 minute

The 45 minute Power programme packs some serious POWER!

Once you have some 1st barre, express classes and open barre under your belt we would also recommend you introduce Power classes to your schedule.


Having already mastered some knowledge and control, your next challenge is to fast-build your stamina.


Power classes are designed for just that. A more aggressive format working to advance your Barre class to the next level.


Although the movements are less technical, the stamina requirement means that Barre knowledge is essential.


Mixing all programs; Barre, Power and express classes will allow you to maximise your training schedule and again, advance your Barre class. 



Suspend disbelief and develop your core with BRX... Barrebody Resistance eXercise takes suspension training and adds a Barre-twist! Like all Barre-based classes, we work total body with a massive focus on core stability and strengthening


Get your Barre on and your pulse racing in our Power class that adds some serious cardiovascular punch! Playing it body safe as always, keeping exercises low to no-impact



As the name suggests, Brawl is designed to get your upper body working, expect your arms, back, shoulders and chest to take the brunt as we work you through a non-impact but high-challenge class centered around leveraging and building strength with your own body weight. Expect a few weights, pulls, flies, rowers, pull-ups, press-ups and a lot of Barre brut force! Great for building stamina and working on core and posture.


You've got the guts and the grit of the Power class.... but have you got control to make it perfectly poised!? A flowing class based on the balletic practice of Adage: Slow, steady movements performed with fluidity and control. Yes there's a knack to it. Mastering the speed, technique and target your Barre practise is no mean feat, but you guys have never been one to shy away from a challenge, right?


​45 minutes of no-holds-barred-body-slam BARRE. Come ready to WERK. Build your endurance, find your personal 'edge' and get your body moving to it's optimum level!

power mash up

Who doesn't want a bit of everything every now and again? This mash up of all the power classes will keep you guessing and maybe even get you tackling you favourite or least favourite (as if you've a least favourite?!) power exercises.


Take a look at 'How to Barre your best' to see how you can combine Power classes with the rest of the the programme